Marco Cermusoni




Greetings intergalactic beings,

Due to my high interest in leading digital projects and intergalactic space travel I hereby apply to board your spaceship with the function of Project Manager / Intermediate Producer.

In my previous missions, I managed projects for almost 5 years which includes projects such as advertising campaigns, websites, iPhone apps, VR and MR projects.

I started my cosmic journey in an advertising agency where I learned to design solutions, develop value for clients and their users. This included forming and managing customer relationships and pitching, although limited to the humanoid species. During that time, I was able to work for clients coming from planets such as Porsche, Glaxo Smith Kline and Swatch.

Following that experience, I fast-travelled to a universe, where I was able to strengthen my project management- and my business analytics skills. As a Marketing Project Manager at Touring Club Switzerland, a company with 1.5M active customers I was responsible to develop and execute small- up to several nationwide campaigns while being directly responsible for budgets up to a yearly volume of 2M CHF (Swiss Francs), assessing situations through data analysis of sales-, retention rates and other figures.

After descending my lander in Canada and starting my recent graduate program, I further developed my agile/scrum project management skills in two projects for industry clients. Furthermore, I practiced applying management principles of agile and waterfall and adapted my management style to more fast-paced environments and tight development teams with multiple roles.

I strongly believe that my past celestial experiences in producing digital solutions in an agency and my project management skills would make me a well-rounded fit for this role on your intergalactic crew.

I would appreciate to discuss the opportunity through a terrestrial meet-up.

Thank you for your consideration.

To infinity… and beyond,

Marco Cermusoni



Local digital communication system:

Local Interpersonal communicator address: 778 798 82 13

Terrestrial coordinates: 49.267165, -123.090315

Currently stationed in: 685 Great Northern Way / V5T 0C6 Vancouver / Canada / Planet Earth / Earth-Moon System / Solar System / Milky Way Galaxy / Local Group / Virgo Supercluster


Your desire to remain as you are,

is what ultimately limits you.

The Puppet Master -  Ghost In The Shell, 1995