Marco Cermusoni

Automated e-mailing campaigning

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An embedded emailing campaign system that individualizes emailings for customers


Project Manager


Content allocation system, requirment engineering, CRM Data Analysis, implementation



Starting point

Underperforming conversion rates of emailing marketing campaigns due to non-relevant information for customers. Manual data extraction for every campaign make process slow and tedious.


Key challenges


As the project manager, I had to drive the project, collaborate the commercial offers with product managers, coordinate the different teams: dev-team, front-end agency, data-miner and project sponsors while reporting to management. 

  • Detailing out the idea and convince management
  • Requirement engineering to understand possibilities of CRM capabilities and owned data
  • Aligning several teams in 3 different citites and two separate languages (french and german)


planning the campaign

planning the campaign

Content individualisation planning: Attribution of offers, content, upsellings etc. to target personas

Content individualisation planning: Attribution of offers, content, upsellings etc. to target personas

Developing a content-allocation system

My main task at hand was to create an system that is able to deliver tailored and relevant content to all the customers, with each email having the "perfect" content for its recepient. 

The idea was to frame this as a service for customers including non-hardselling elements such as contests, tipps around cars but as well an opportunity to upsell the next best product, which was depending on the range of owned products and all the CRM data aviable around that person (location, age, income, obtained products etc.).

In collaboration the product managers of the different insurance products, we developed a schedule for the individual content blocks to match time sensitive topics for the different products (e.g. travel insurance in summer months)

In the second iteration, due to ressources in the implementation-team, we went from a fully individualized content-system to 37 target persona groups to reduce complexity.



Initially, it was the goal of the project to fully implement the system in into the CRM. This idea was later abandoned due to changes in the scope of the project. 


screen designs

screen designs


A CRM based email-campaigning system with individualized content-blocks for all 400'000+ subscribers.